HUG Pass - Membership

HUG Pass

The HUG Pass is available in a collection of 15,000 huggable, collectible artwork by Lisa Chow, of which only 6,000 is available presently. A HUG Pass allows you to earn rewards through curating art and supporting creators on HUG's social marketplace.
Minting is done in multiple waves to onboard new people into the HUG community in a manageable way that allows early members to participate in determining content, contributing research/curation, and sharing their favorite NFT collections, while also getting to know their fellow Huggers. Wave 1 of minting was distributed as a free mint via allowlists and completed in April 2022, with future minting windows to be determined with input from the community.
As a brief reminder, our team deliberately minted in batches in order to (1) grow our community in an organic and manageable way, (2) keep us accountable in delivering value to early stakeholders, while at the same time (3) avoid over-indexing on early adopters and reserving enough supply for those who only come across HUG later on.

Meta Angels

In November 2022, HUG & Meta Angels joined forces under HUG's parent company Assemble. At this time, holders of Meta Angels were granted expanded benefits within the HUG ecosystem. Learn more in our FAQ.
Meta Angels is an NFT membership community founded on the values of generosity, transparency, and accessibility. The uniquely art-forward collection of 10,000 NFTs designed by Maori-Australian artist Sarana Haeata are membership cards that give their holders access to a community, programs and perks. Meta Angels was a pioneer in allowing NFTs to be loaned on chain, a first-of-its-kind innovation in smart contracts. Meta Angels was co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Alexandra Cavoulacos and Allyson Downey.
Disclaimer: Fostering community is core to HUG’s mission. We will always be working to refine the experience of being a member of the HUGfam and, accordingly, reserve the right to modify our HUG Membership policies at any time.