Meta Angels

Meta Angels is a NFT membership community for people who share the values of generosity, transparency and accessibility.

Holding a Meta Angels NFT means more than just a beautiful piece of art in your wallet. From November 2022, both HUG and Meta Angels holders will have access to the following benefits.
  • Wishing Well: Allowing our members to provide help, connections, and advice in response to specific asks from the community. You can find the AngelBot in Discord to automate the wish process for our members.
  • Adobe Artist-in-Residence Program: In partnership with Adobe, Meta Angels has a monthly program to support emerging artists in web3. Each month, our Artist in Residence creates a custom NFT that is available as a free mint for HUG and Meta Angels holders.
  • Lending Program: Meta Angels has developed a mechanism that allows holders of multiple Meta Angel NFTs to loan membership to HUG and Meta Angels to a mentee or other individuals who otherwise would not be able to participate.
  • High Resolution Image Download & Printing: As an exclusive member benefit, our holders are able to unlock a 4000x4000 version of any angel they own to download and print in high resolution, including the artist’s signature. Our members in the US, Canada, and the UK also have access to a 10% discount and easy one-click printing and framing via Level Frames.
  • Apply for Angel Grants: Both HUG and Meta Angels holders can apply to a weekly no strings attached grant of 0.25 ETH. The only criteria for selection is that it must be for something that will have a positive impact on your life.