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Our token-gated Discord Server is the primary home for verified Huggers.

Who can access HUG's Discord Server?

HUGGER • FULL ACCESS Holders of a HUG Pass or Meta Angels NFT have full access to HUG's Discord Server and all of its benefits such as our community forum, exclusive committees, and partnerships and giveaways.
HUG EXPLORER • LIMITED ACCESS Ownership of an NFT from a Neighboring Community have almost full access to HUG's Discord Server, with the exception of allowlist giveaways. FREE HUGs • FREE ACCESS Read-only access to most of HUG's Discord server is available to curious users wanting to explore more of HUG's offerings. We hope this inspires you to join our community in a more official capacity!
DISCORD PSA: We will NEVER send you a direct message first. Whether it is a BOT or the TEAM, no one from HUG will DM you first. When in doubt, reach out! We're always here with help and a HUG on official channels.

How do I verify ownership to access HUG's Discord Server?

Visit our official website at to get verified with our custom verification method. Instead of using third-party verification methods like CollabLand or Vulcan, our HUG developers created an in-house tool for verification for added control and security.
Having difficulty in our Discord? Open a support ticket and one of our moderators will be ready with help and a hug!