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an artist-in-residence scholarship for creatives of any medium
What is airHUG?
airHUG is an artist-in-residence and Web3 accelerator scholarship for up-and-coming creatives of any medium, from theatre artists, poets, photographers, to musicians and more.
This program is application only - sponsored entirely through partnerships, where artists receive a scholarship to amplify and grow their brand while they focus on their art. Based on our team's experience as investors and producers in both theatrical content and early/growth stage tech companies that support innovation in the arts, we leverage that expertise to help artists build sustainable and exciting brands at the forefront of Web3.
Our team's work has been featured on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and television - including multiple Tony Awards and collaborations with companies such as Jim Henson Productions, NBC, and some of the leading artists of our time.
Who is airHUG for?
airHUG is for up-and-coming creatives of all kinds— digital illustrators, poets, musicians, and theatre artists, and more.
airHUG is for you if…
  1. 1.
    You are in it for long-term success, not just a quick win.
  2. 2.
    You want to build community, feel a bit lost, and want to connect with like-minded artists and creators.
  3. 3.
    You want to be seen as a thought leader and be on the forefront of the new creator economy in Web3.
How does airHUG work?
Each airHUG cohort begins with a four-week intensive curriculum covering topics essential for both strengthening the fundamentals of post-mint projects as well as taking them to the next level. At the end of the four weeks, airHUG projects will have had the opportunity to create key deliverables designed to lay the groundwork for executing a focused plan, with ongoing support through 1:1 advising, networking opportunities, and group sessions.
In summary, airHUG projects have access to:
  • Six months of mentorship and advice from HUG's expert team
  • Four weeks of curriculum about key Web3 topics such as operations and strategy, risk management, community building, and more
  • 1:1 office hours with HUG's senior advisors and founding team
  • Networking opportunities within the HUGfam and partner communities
  • AMA sessions and workshops with industry experts on a variety of topics including communication, conflict resolution, public speaking, smart contracts, security, and more
  • Being able to showcase their work more widely to the HUG community
How do you determine who is selected for airHUG?
Even though we want to hug everyone, we get many more applications than we can accommodate for our cohorts. That being said, we go through each and every one of them. When it comes to selecting participants, here is the framework we follow:
  • Art: Is it original? Does it strike an emotional chord that is different from anything else out there?
  • Artist: How resilient is the artist and how committed are they to their mission? Through our program, we help strengthen an artist's mission to amplify their brand, work, and identity in web3
  • Community: Is there a community tied to the artist's mission and values? Does the artist have a cohesive value system on the creation of their work?
  • Plan: With numerous NFT collections being launched every day, what sets yours apart? What is the ultimate goal? Why do you want to join the incubator?
What kinds of artists have been sponsored by airHUG?