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"Being part of HUG has been a gamechanger in being part of a supportive network of community founders and creators. It's a safe space to learn and grow with other like-minded people and a way to partner with other founders. The HUG team constantly gives exposure to our community and I've learned so much from the amazing team. A huge kudos especially to Michael and Randi who have always been willing to bounce ideas and spend time working through problems." - Lily Wu, Co-founder of Wow Pixies
"Being a member of the HUG cohort has been such a major positive impact in our NFT journey! They have been invaluable in helping us strategize on our roadmap and have been incredibly proactively helpful whenever we launch something new, providing us with critical partnership opportunities and including us in their Twitter daily roundups. Every team member comes with such strong expertise across so many diverse domains and have helped us in so many different ways! We've been feeling so lucky and grateful to have such a strong and caring long term partner in our journey." - Ben and Mai, Founders of Curious Addys
"I cannot express just how much being a groupHUG Artist in Residence means to me. The HUG curriculum has been a crash course in pin-pointing my values, understanding my market, building community, refining my pitch and so much more. Randi, Debbie, Michael and Brian’s advice is propelling me from artist to brand, through a program delivered with so much experience, class, kindness and warmth. I couldn’t think of a better team of humans to support, guide and grow Power of Women to the next level, and beyond." - Leah Sams, Power of Women