Creator Accelerator Programs

HUG Studios is the only Web3 accelerator designed for creators, by creators.
There is no denying the exciting, rapidly growing, constantly evolving, often overwhelming, uphill battle that exists for creators launching a project in Web3. A battle made even more difficult for marginalized groups.
As women who have had to forge their own paths in both the early days of Web2 and entrepreneurship, Randi Zuckerberg and Debbie Soon, set out to advise, mentor, and empower creators to bring their all, while giving them a great, big HUG. And thus, groupHUG was born to level the playing field for all creators in Web3.
HUG Studios offers three different programs to help Web3 creators unlock their full potential. We provide strategic guidance & support to all kinds of creators in Web3. The full program spans six months with a curriculum covering decentralization, partnerships, public relations, marketing, and more.

Discover more about our programs:

🦔hedgeHUG: an advisory program for pre-mint collections • learn more
🫂groupHUG: a growth accelerator for post-mint collections • learn more
🎨airHUG: an artist-in-residence scholarship for creatives of any medium • learn more