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Points Earning and User Tiers

HUG Points

Your contributions on HUG are rewarded with HUG Points, which will soon be redeemable for fun perks, including beautiful art from some of our favorite creators.
The following table explains what actions can be taken on HUG at present, and the number of points you earn for each action.
HUG Points
Complete user onboarding
Submit a review*
Contribute an approved review
Contribute the first 5 approved reviews for any creator
Curate an Artist onto HUG
Moderate (approve or reject) a review
*Submitting a review requires a user to stake 50 points. A review is approved or rejected after 3 upvotes or downvotes respectively. If a review is approved, the 50 staked points are returned with an additional 50 points for a total of 100 Points. If your review is one of the first 5 approved reviews for any creator, an additional 50 points will be rewarded totaling 150 points. If a review is rejected, the 50 staked points are forfeited.

User Tiers

Leveling up unlocks higher user tiers and more opportunities to earn HUG Points through interacting and influencing HUG.
User Tier
User Permissions
HUG Points Required
New User
User can view all creators on the platform and complete the user onboarding quiz.
User can submit new reviews for projects.
Junior Curator
User can moderate reviews from other community members and earn additional points for doing so.
More user permissions coming!


Terms and conditions of HUG Points & User Tiers are subject to change to best suit the changing needs of both the HUG platform and the community.