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a growth accelerator for post-mint collections
What is groupHUG?
groupHUG is a growth accelerator for collections that have already commenced or gone through a minting process.
Through direct mentorship from HUG's senior advisors and founding team, which includes Randi Zuckerberg and Debbie Soon, and a four-week curriculum, we work together with creators to strive for long-term growth and financial success.
Who is groupHUG for?
groupHUG is for NFT collections that have already built a substantial community and gone through a mint process (either in the process of minting or have already sold out), but are now in search of additional guidance on how to create long-term success in the Web3 space. If your collection hasn't minted yet, please explore our offering for hedgeHUG.
How does groupHUG work?
Each groupHUG cohort begins with a four-week intensive curriculum covering topics essential for both strengthening the fundamentals of post-mint projects as well as taking them to the next level. At the end of the four weeks, groupHUG projects will have had the opportunity to create key deliverables designed to lay the groundwork for executing a focused plan, with ongoing support through 1:1 advising, networking opportunities, and group sessions.
In summary, groupHUG projects have access to:
  • Six months of mentorship and advice from HUG's expert team
  • Four weeks of curriculum about key Web3 topics such as operations and strategy, risk management, community building, and more
  • 1:1 office hours with HUG's senior advisors and founding team
  • Networking opportunities within the HUGfam and partner communities
  • AMA sessions and workshops with industry experts on a variety of topics including communication, conflict resolution, public speaking, smart contracts, security, and more
How do you determine who is selected for groupHUG?
Even though we want to hug everyone, we get many more applications than we can accommodate for our cohorts. That being said, we go through each and every one of them. When it comes to selecting participants, here is the framework we follow:
  • Team: How resilient is the founding team and how committed are they to their mission? Founder-mission fit is very important to us and in past cohorts, we've worked with creators who have been advocating for specific causes for years.
  • Art: Is it original? Does it strike an emotional chord that is different from anything else out there?
  • Community: Is there a community that's tied to the project's mission and values? Have the projects clearly defined and lived by their values since Day 1?
  • Plan: With numerous NFT projects being launched every day, what sets yours apart? What is the ultimate goal?
What are the terms of being in groupHUG?
groupHUG participation is for 6 months during which we charge a $5,000 participation fee and a percentage of mint proceeds for any collections still minting and/or for any collection launched within the year.
Exact percentages are discussed individually with each creator to determine an arrangement that makes sense for their project and their required support from us.
What kind of collections have worked with groupHUG?
Boss Beauties (we even helped them raise their $4M+ venture capital round!) Curious Addys Eyes of Fashion Sad Girls Bar Sacred Skulls WOW Pixies 8sian
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