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an advisory program for pre-mint collections
What is hedgeHUG?
hedgeHUG is a hands-on advisory program for pre-mint collections. We typically encourage projects to mint 2-3 months into the program so we can provide support before and after the mint.
On top of 1:1 mentorship from HUG's senior advisors and founding team, which includes Randi and Debbie, we also leverage our creativity and love across our social media channels of 650K+ to lay the groundwork for long-term success, from mint to beyond.
Who is hedgeHUG for?
hedgeHUG is typically for teams who have committed to launching a NFT project in the next 2-3 months, have started building a community, and have already thought through a v1 of their roadmap.
These projects would be looking to connect with like-minded creators, want mentorship and advice to further refine their business and minting strategy, as well as for additional exposure in the lead-up to their mint.
hedgeHUG is also for projects who are in it for long-term success, not just a quick win.
How does hedgeHUG work?
hedgeHUG is a personalized six-month collaboration that begins with a four-week intensive curriculum, including training in customer/community discovery, brand development, media planning, go-to-market strategy, and more.
After the four-week curriculum, there are advanced modules for accountability, weekly strategy check-ins, and the ability to leverage our social media reach of over 650K to lend additional support leading up to the mint. hedgeHUG projects also get access to 1:1 advising through office hours with HUG's senior advisors and founding team, which includes Randi and Debbie.
What are the terms of being in hedgeHUG?
hedgeHUG participation is for 6 months during which we charge a $3000 participation fee and a percentage of mint proceeds for any collection launched within the year.
Exact percentages are discussed individually with each creator to determine an arrangement that makes sense for their project and their required support from us.
What happens after a hedgeHUG collection has minted?
We consider hedgeHUG projects to be a part of the HUGfam and prioritize participants when evaluating potential future collaborations. If you are interested in additional support post-mint, you will also have priority access to apply for a future groupHUG cohort!